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Our company is 20 years old and it is hard to find a more experienced and professional firm in our market. We employ over 200 professionals and continue to grow. Home is your castle, a secret cover where you can hide from the world and stay with yourself. Comfort and silence are essential for us and if you can’t have that feeling in your house than something went wrong. We are the experts in interior blinds and curtains and can guarantee that you are in the right place. Here you’ll find goods that will make your home a real bastion for your body and mind.

Interior design is a very delicate sphere and it is important to help clients to find their product and guide them through all those little things that they never even think about. Our mission is to help you with color, patterns, fabrics and other stuff. Our wonderful consultants will give you full information concerning our products, delivery process and payments.

Our huge variety of curtains, blinds and other accessories will amaze even the experienced shoppers. Of course you are welcome to make a custom design order because we know that interior design is all about your vision of your dwelling’s style. We are always glad to see you at our online shop 24 hours a day. Let the comfort will be with you!

About us

The Hessian Company has been a family owned and run business for 34 years.  

We specialise in made to measure curtains, blinds, shutters and soft furnishings for your home, hotel or other commercial premises.

Most of the products we sell are manufactured in our workrooms buy highly skilled and experienced staff.


“You can't get better,measured,ordered, fitted, job dn .Quick and easy and they are a perfect fit, lasted for yrs and when You want more it's great, already measured and noted.The price>go check it out , very competitive, get them with the Hessian Company it's not worth the hassle anywhere else, it's soo easy with them and just what You want..”

-Cherrie Clark

“Very pleased with the price and the customer service. Priced up online but worried about measuring and fitting myself. To be honest, the extra cost was negligible and worth it for the peace of mind and the stunning result. Would recommend”

-Jane Biggs